How to repair iPhone 5 screen

Some of you may think about getting iphone 5 screen repair service when something goes wrong with your iPhone. As said, repairing screen can be costly although you are in the chance of getting the best service. If the problem doesn’t look so serious, then you can first try to fix it on your own. So, what’s the current issue on the screen of your iPhone?

You may have found the touchscreen of the iPhone itself when you try to touch the iPhone screen like a swipe or tap on the screen but nothing happens. This indicates that the iPhone touchscreen is not working which causes it to not respond to touch. There are several ways you can try to cope with the iPhone’s touchscreen not working or not responding to touch. You do not have to take it to an official Apple service to handle this, it could be with an iPhone restore then the touchscreen can be fixed.

1. Clean the Touch Screen

How to overcome the touchscreen (touchscreen) iPhone that does not respond or function the first is to clean the iPhone screen and make sure also your hands clean before giving a touch on the iPhone touchscreen. If there is a hard case, screen protector or iPhone bumper, remove it first.

After that, prepare a soft cloth and then start cleaning the iPhone screen by rubbing the soft cloth from top to bottom slowly until there is no liquid, dirt, or food on the iPhone’s touch screen. Dirt or other objects that are on the iPhone screen can cause the touch to move.

2. Hard Restart (Hard Reboot) iPhone

How to fix a touch screen iPhone that does not respond or work the second is to restart iPhone. How to hard restart or hard reboot iPhone is quite easy, depending on which iPhone model you use.

3. Touch Screen Break (Damaged)

If the iPhone screen is broken or damaged due to fall for example, then you will not be able to function or touch the existing touch. The only way is to replace the iPhone touchscreen.

Yes, you can go to the nearby repair center when your iPhone really needs to get professional repair service.

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