Maintain your website for the sake of your online business

The website like a front office or offline store. In order to deliver service changes or deliver new services to customers, sometimes new banner or page changes are needed and need to be done quickly. You must have skills in the field of visual design and coding to execute this work. By understanding this, you will see why the website maintenance cost can be pretty pricey from time to time.

Virus and hacker attacks on websites are on the rise

The data says that virus attacks and hackers to websites are increasing year by year, with diverse modes. From just a whim, to make the target web system becomes paralyzed. In 2013 alone there are about 40 million hacker attacks in the world that are identified.

Website owners need to control the presence of virus infiltration in their server systems and as soon as possible to make improvements. Do not let the existence of “intruders” is over time will make your website system paralyzed or even unconsciously stealing your company data. Perform regular checks every month, you can use the “Google Webmaster Tool” which already provides a full service including monitoring malicious scripts that may exist and have long in your web server.

Hosting needs maintenance

Like computers or laptops, hosting requires monitoring and maintenance. Due to visitor activity on your web, it can lead to hosting having a high CPU usage, so unconsciously the website page is very slow if opened, or worse your hosting is suspended unilaterally by the hosting provider for violating the TOS. Check the hosting conditions at least 3 days once, to ensure CPU usage is in a safe state. You can also request assistance from a hosting service provider to let you know when there is a reasonable surge of traffic or CPU usage spikes, this can be accompanied by viewing logs or records of server activity or visitor activity when visiting your website, this can be used to find out if there is unusual activity from visitors when on your website, at least have been done prevention by monitoring the server periodically.

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