The difference between thermostat and RTD

Automatic temperature measuring instrument This thermostat has a working system where at a certain temperature measurement value, this tool will disconnect or connect an electrical circuit. Inside this tool is equipped with a Contact Point with NO / NC (Normally open / Normally Closed) form. Use of this tool we can use according to our needs, commonly used in electromotor to avoid electro motor overheats (overheating). Aside from that, you can also check out to find the high-quality thermostats online.

While RTD stands for Resistance Temperature Detector or a device that can detect temperature and be changed in the form of changes in resistance or resistance value.

This RTD automatic temperature measuring instrument is a measure of temperature value by changing the value of the measured temperature to a current value (Analog Output) which we can use for other uses.

The use of the value generated by this tool is diverse, we can set the open or close the tap automatic (Control Valve) according to our wishes with this tool.

We can also set up a siren system or alarm heater, and many other uses, according to the needs and development in the field.