The Most Basic SEO Works is by Using Keywords

Not everyone can understand the workings of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Although they already understand how SEO works outline, but not for more details. That’s why many business people are choosing to use SEO services, one of which is Pagesatu which can be accessed at In addition to not need to learn SEO, business people can use their time for other things when SEO services teams do their part.

However, it is not wrong if we understand a little how SEO works. The most basic SEO work is to use keywords. Millions of people access the internet and search for needs using keywords, from the simplest to the most complex.

Then the SEO team will analyze the strengths of competitors to know the weaknesses and what efforts they must do to outperform those competitors. Competitor analysis includes competitor keywords, website age, title, meta tags, content quality, website structure, internal-external backlinks and others.