How to maintain the full power of your phone’s battery

The battery power of smartphones are often wasteful is often a problem. The most severe risk is that you can not contact anyone if you are struck by a disaster. So important is the battery, to the point that many people end up buying power bank. Fortunately, we can find so many cell phone charging lockers in the public facilities, so we may don’t have to worry about it too much these days.

However, actually, a wasteful battery can be prevented with a wise use. Read the following article to help you keep your bones healthy.

1. While charging, be sure to turn on airplane mode first.

Most phone chargers provide enough power to keep you on your phone charging. Therefore, in fact, you do not need to turn off the phone when it will charge the battery. However, it is good to turn off the data network or enable airplane mode during the reprocess. This will make your barium fill up faster, with more durable power savings.

2. Do not wait for your total power to run out. Immediately charge the battery when the power is below 20%!

Batteries commonly used in mobile phones are currently made of lithium base materials. Unlike the nickel-based ones, the age of the lithium battery will only decrease if you let it run out to 0%. For that, do not wait until your battery really runs out of power.

Immediately charge the battery when the power is below 20%. If it is fully charged, immediately unplug your phone from the charger. Although the lithium battery is designed to be charged as often as possible, not immediately unplugging when it is full may result in leaking and non-durable battery life.

3. Avoid the use of vibrate mode as much as possible.

Vibration mode in the phone becomes our alternative to stay in touch without disturbing people around. But apparently, this vibration mode can make our cell phone battery wasteful. As an anticipation, switch HP to mute or silent mode only.

You can also keep your favorite ringtones on, without the need to use vibrations. Just adjust the ringtone volume according to your needs, so that without any vibration you can stay aware that there is a new notification coming in on your phone.