How To Know The Resistance Of Mobile Phone Batteries

Previously the author has discussed how to know Nokia Original battery, on this occasion the author tries to discuss Mobile Battery Endurance. In power, the power is measured by the unit of a watt (SI) although it is often measured in units of Volt-Ampere (VA). Maybe we often pay the electric bill where the power installed in our house is 900 VA. 900 VA means 900 watts. So watt is equal to VA size. Then what about endurance? Maybe we can understand what this endurance. Power stage can be defined the ability of an object to survive. Battery life means the battery’s ability to last for a certain period of time. How to measure battery life? As a layman, we can not measure battery life without using a tool. But there are some specifications to determine whether or not a battery, such as whether the battery is Original or not. If we buy a new mobile phone from an Authorized Dealer, we can be sure that the mobile phone battery is original. For charging the battery it will also be better if you use the phone charging station rentals for events that you use power bank, especially when you are in a big event and indoors where a lot of people are carrying their phones and you do not carry your power bank.

But to determine the durability of the battery is how much battery charge is listed on the battery. The battery charge is measured in mAh units. mAH is an abbreviation of milliAmpere Hour or milliampere hours, for example on the battery written 300 mAh, 600 mAh, 1020 mAh, and so on. In the electrical unit of mAh equivalent to coulomb unit that is often denoted by C. On the mobile phone battery for example written 300 mAh. Make sure the battery you buy is the original battery, as well as the originality level of the battery, is at what percent, for example, 95%, 99% or 99.99%. The higher the original level the better. Buy a mobile phone battery from an Authorized dealer if you are not sure that the battery you are buying is original or not. When purchasing a battery or mobile phone, check the value of the battery charge, the higher the better, for example, a battery with a 1080 mAh charge better than 600 mAh.