Natural ingredients to Improving Children’s Body Resistance

Children desperately need attention related to their nutritional intake to increase their body resistance to avoid the various viruses and bacteria that enter the body. Then they need Soman and some natural ingredients to increase their endurance. Find out more by visiting In many ways, natural ingredients are still superior to chemicals. Especially if your child is hard to take medicine because it tastes bitter, then the natural ingredients need to be tried. Here’s the review!

Breast milk
Breast milk is one of the natural ingredients to increase endurance because it serves as a supplier of nutrients for the child’s immune system. In addition, breast milk is also a source of nutrition for infants. Breast milk becomes very important for the baby as an antibody supply because at that time the baby still does not have immunity that is still very vulnerable.

Omega 3
Natural ingredients to increase endurance contain omega 3 is found in salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel, shellfish, and herring. Omega 3 is usually also packed in the form of fish oil supplements yes, Mother. In this fish oil contains fatty acids that are very beneficial to health. Because in fish oil there are 25% saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids of 75% that can help improve the child’s brain intelligence, child’s vision development, and immune system.

Protein is one of the nutrients that the immune system builds. Pure honey is one of the natural ingredients to increase protein-rich endurance. Various research results conducted by health experts show that children and toddlers who have protein deficiency can be overcome by eating honey on a regular basis. You can give regularly every day to your baby.