Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know about Digital Marketing

The most common difficulty found by entrepreneurs is how to market their business or product. And now there are still many entrepreneurs who do not understand the importance of marketing through digital channels, whereas most people in the world are connected to the Internet in their daily lives. Many entrepreneurs are very expert in the mastery of products and product manufacturing process, but not many who master digital marketing. We certainly know how to use search engines (search engines) like google and yahoo to search for information on the internet. But not many understand how the search engine works. Search engines have tons of information about search trends that people are searching for. And entrepreneurs can do research to find out what people are looking for, so we can provide solutions to what our target market is looking for. By understanding what is being sought by many people then we know exactly how to create marketing content that is relevant to our target market. You can also rely on advertising or SEO services that are already very good at improving the quality and quantity of sales in terms of digital marketing like Seattle SEO.

After knowing the needs of the target market, then the most important thing is to make our business website can be on the front page of search engines. Search Engines like, Google and Bing, love websites that have quality links from other websites that have a good ranking. We can do research using, which offers a tool called Site Explorer, which is able to identify sites linking to the website. With this tool, we can do quality website research linking to our competitor’s site. So we can contact the owner of the website to link to our site as well, of course, there is usually a fee for it. Entrepreneurs who do not have marketing experience usually have social media marketing thinking does not cost a lot. And usually, they also think that every post on social media and websites will quickly become viral marketing. This is wrong thinking. It takes sophisticated tactics to design images or video marketing materials to translate the marketing content we want to convey to the audience.

To create a content marketing design, marketing execution strategies and measuring marketing effectiveness cost a lot. And if the business website we are not able to attract visitors with organic marketing, then another option is to invest in advertising on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google Ads. Doing digital marketing requires no small cost, therefore, we must create a special budget for this activity.

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