Tips on Caring for School Uniforms

Uniform is one part of school supplies. If you are looking for the best quality school uniform, you can visit Here are some ways you can make your school uniforms durable.

– Hanging clothes

School clothes that have been worn by hanging hanger. Place in the area that is exposed to the wind. The goal is to prevent moisture that allows the emergence of black spots on the shirt, especially on the armpits and back.

– Washing clothes

If the clothes begin to dirty immediately wash with a little laundry soap. Then rinse with enough water so that the smell of soap disappears, then dry the clothes in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight.

– Ironing clothes

Use medium temperature on iron. Ironing with hot temperatures can cause your school uniform to become thin and easily damaged.

These are some tips you can do to keep your child’s school uniforms durable and not easily damaged.

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